Monday, July 22, 2013


I've really been into these looks lately. Haven't gotten around to trying some of them out yet but I will soon enough. 
Always the classic cat eye. No matter what makeup look I'm going for, I (most of the time) do a wing to give me that cat eye appearance. I found this pic floating around on tumblr, and it's super helpful and gets you a great wing! 
Here are some other eye looks I've been into. 
I'm also, big on eyebrows. I love them!!!!! And I'm very happy to say I've mastered shaping and filling them in.

One look I really like but have yet to try, is the vampire lip. I haven't found a good tutorial on YouTube to help me out, so I visited my local MAC store to get a lesson. All I need now is a perfect place to showcase shush a bold look. 

I really like this purple pink version of the vampire lip look.

So yeah, theses are just a few of the makeup looks that I'm into right now classic and bold. :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stepping stones

Paired my plain white tee with these cut offs I've had for a few years. Some black studded flats and a bright red cardigan. I also, made this little boho headband out of an old scarf. Very casual for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

A Warm Welcome To Style

Hello World!!!! The name I go by is Stephanie Hill aka Style By Steph. I'm super excited to finally get a blog going. So to get started on what this blog will be about. It will be a collection my style, life, and what inspires me. So please Join me on my journey and show love.

Thank you,